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The Green Energy Lab

Green Energy Lab

We develop and test solutions for a sustainable energy future on the market.

Green Energy Lab, a research initiative for sustainable energy solutions, is part of the Austrian innovation campaign “Vorzeigeregion Energie” (“Flagship region Energy”) of the Climate and Energy Fund. Green Energy Lab is Austria’s largest innovation laboratory for green energy. It comprises the test markets Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, and Styria — all in all about five million end customers.

More than 300 partners from research, industry, and the public sector join the energy suppliers of these four Austrian provinces, namely “Wien Energie” in Vienna, “EVN” in Lower Austria, “Burgenland Energie” in Burgenland, and “Energie Steiermark” in Styria, in order to develop customer- and demand-oriented, scalable solutions all the way from prototypes to marketability. Thanks to Green Energy Lab’s direct access to the core market of energy suppliers, new developments can immediately be tested on a large scale. By 2025, Green Energy Lab will have invested 150 million euros in innovative projects.