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FAQ for projects and ideas

Green Energy Lab

As Austria’s largest innovation lab for green energy, we support you by providing services through the entire innovation journey – from the first idea to international market success. Together, we untap the potential of customer-centered solutions and create an integrated energy system for a sustainable future.


Who can submit ideas?

We support companies, start-ups, research institutes, cities and localities in developing bold new ideas. Individual submissions, as well as submissions from existing consortia, are possible. An additional “End User Call” for private individuals is currently in progress. For submissions in the framework of the Flagship Region Energy call, cooperation with other partners or the specifications of the individual funding instruments.

Who has access to my submitted idea?

During our “Quick Check” process, your idea will be sent to the Green Energy Lab team. External experts, who are subject to our confidentiality policy, are included in the process when needed. In addition, your project outline will be prepared and made available to the members of the Steering Group, who are also subject to our confidentiality policy.

Who decides whether my project idea will be included in Green Energy Lab ?

The Steering Group evaluates all incoming project using transparent evaluation criteria and subsequently decides which projects should be included in Green Energy Lab. In a next step, this decision must be confirmed by the board of the Green Energy Lab association.


Is there a general submission deadline for ideas?

The submission of ideas is possible at any time. Submission deadlines for specific calls are announced in due time. The submission deadline for the third call of the RTDI initiative “Flagship Region Energy” is August the 8th 2019.

Does Green Energy Lab grant funding or financial support?

Green Energy Lab does not provide funding or financial support. As innovation lab, we enable the participation in calls within the RTDI initiative “Flagship Region Energy”, establish contact with Austria’s leading energy suppliers and support your submission to national and international funding programs.

Can ideas that do not fit into the defined subject areas be submitted?

Since we are primarily concerned with ideas related to our topical fields, we will gladly include other ideas in our idea-pool. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss eventual next steps.

Does the transfer of my idea incur any costs?

No costs are involved in your submission. The services we provide to develop your ideas are free of charge. Depending on individual needs, we distinguish between chargeable and non-chargeable services. This is defined in an individual agreement.

Which obligations come with the submission of my idea?

The submission of your idea does not imply any obligations. However, projects that have been evaluated positively by the Steering Group and hence benefit from support during implementation commit to cooperation across projects of Green Energy Lab .The scope of this cooperation will be defined individually . For projects implemented within the framework of the call “Flagship Region Energy”, specific obligations are binding.

I have a challenge but no suitable idea yet. Can I also submit my challenge?

Currently, we are primarily looking for new ideas. However, you are welcome to submit your problematic and together we will define the next steps towards the generation of suitable ideas.

How elaborated should my idea be?

Developing an idea with Green Energy Lab can be done easily by submitting the completed Project Idea Canvas, regardless of the development stage. Together, we then define the next steps in order to develop your idea into a concrete project. However, to submit a project idea as part of specific calls for proposal, your idea must be concrete and also have a corresponding implementation interest. You can submit developed project ideas with the Project idea- general description.

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