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Open Call for Ideas

Green Energy Lab

Do you have an idea for the energy transition and are looking for ways to implement it? Submit your project on our topics now and take advantage of our services! We connect you with partners who are strong in implementation.

Thematic areas of the Open Call

We are currently looking for innovative ideas for the energy future on four thematic spotlights:

Thematic Spotlight 1

Climate-neutral supply security and resilience
  • Monitoring of energy networks with regard to risk and resilience
  • Diversification, decentralization and autonomously functioning subsystems
  • Innovative methods to increase the resilience of energy networks
  • Integration of green power plants
  • Digital twins as possibilities for resilience monitoring
  • Big Data, AI, predictive modeling and other algorithms to increase supply security and resilience of energy systems

Thematic Spotlight 2

Circular economy in energy systems of the future
  • Market and regulatory frameworks necessary for effective implementation of circular economy
  • Innovations to strengthen the role of biomass in the circular economy.
  • Increasing resource efficiency through innovative environmental technologies and sustainable feedstock management.
  • Socio-economic impulses and incentives to achieve broad acceptance among the general population

Thematic Spotlight 3

Green heat and cold
  • Conversion to CO2-neutral technologies
  • Conditioning of existing buildings and neighborhoods and further development of the building stock into smart elements in the sustainable energy system
  • Seasonal energy storage
  • Development and use of innovative heat pump technologies
  • Aspects of holistic spatial and infrastructure planning

Thematic Spotlight 4

Social acceptance of climate protection technologies and measures
  • New methods for measuring social acceptance and collective behavior (behavioral economics, socioeconomics, etc.)
  • Incentive systems for effective and efficient increase of acceptance of technologies and energy innovations
  • Sharing Economy
  • Gamification and elements of the New Digital World


Submit your idea now

The following tools and processes are available for submitting ideas to the Green Energy Lab:

Project Development Canvas:

Do you have an initial idea for an innovation project and would like to explore possible implementations within Green Energy Lab? Use our canvas for project development and get feedback from us on possible next steps for a possible implementation of the idea in the Green Energy Lab.

Strategic Fit Check:


Benefits of submitting your idea

All submitted ideas go through our Quick Check+, in which we provide a qualified assessment of your idea together with our Steering Group and define the next steps. As an idea submitter, you will receive expert feedback from the Steering Group on your project. If the decision is positive, your project will become part of our quality-assured project portfolio. Your project will be implemented via the defined implementation path in the Green Energy Lab and supported by our Open Innovation Services.

Learn more about our association process in the FAQ for Projects and Ideas in the Green Energy Lab.


for developing innovative project ideas

Theme area workshops

(Further) development of your idea and creation of an open space with inspiring keynotes and exemplary use cases

Quick check and project selection

Feedback on your project idea and support with project design and set-up

Project development workshops

Individual workshops with support for consortium formation and consideration of relevant evaluation criteria

Review for project proposals

Joint identification and presentation of synergies with other projects and text modules for project applications

Knowledge transfer and synergies

Structured exchange with other projects, insights into current research activities and findings, and collaborative resource sharing.

Stakeholder engagement

Comprehensive stakeholder processes and elicitation of end-customer needs according to design thinking methods as well as feedback to the projects

Sample solutions and monitoring

Criteria for and joint definition of model solutions as well as monitoring and impact assessment of the model solutions


Support in communicating and increasing the national and international visibility of your project as part of the Green Energy Lab.


for implementing innovative projects

Implementation paths for Green Energy Lab projects

There are two implementation paths for implementing your project in the Green Energy Lab.

Flagship Region Energy

Inclusion in the process for submission under the fourth call for proposals of the RTI initiative Vorzeigregion Energie. Implementation is carried out via research and environmental funding instruments in cooperation with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC).

National and international funding programs

Implementation takes place via national and international funding programs. We support you in identifying the right funding program.