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Innovator Circle

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The Innovator Circle is an open platform for institutions who want to actively shape the energy future: Companies, research institutions, start-ups, cities and municipalities, associations, etc. The Innovator Circle’s diverse and dynamic network generates innovative ideas and creates impulses for implementation.


Members of the Innovator Circle enjoy the following advantages:


Members of the Innovator Circle are entitled to use many of our Open Innovation services free of charge.


Members of the Innovator Circle enjoy a leading edge by receiving prioritized information on technological developments, market trends, and research funding.

Your logo

The logos of our Innovator Circle members may, upon request, be displayed in the partner section of our website.

Free of charge

Membership in the Innovator Circle does not entail any financial obligations.


Institutions that meet the following requirements can become members of the Innovator Circle:

Innovator Circle

Company Headquarters

The institution has its registered office or at least a branch in Austria.

Scope of Activities

The institution’s scope of activities contributes to the objectives of Green Energy Lab.


The institution has some know-how concerning relevant topics regarding the energy future.


The institution is willing to be actively involved in Green Energy Lab’s Open Innovation process.

Become a member of the Innovator Circle!

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