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Green Energy Lab

As Austria’s largest innovation laboratory for green energy, we accompany you with our services through the entire journey of your innovation – from the initial idea to market maturity. Together, we create integrated energy systems for a sustainable future based on customer-oriented solutions.

Developing Innovation Projects

Developing Innovation Projects
Developing Innovation Projects

Implement Innovation Projects

Implement Innovation Projects
Implement Innovation Projects

Developing Innovation Projects

No matter whether an idea occurs to you at one of our events or whether you submit your idea via our open call, we will support you with our services and accompany the development of your idea up to a specific innovation project.


Identifying challenges and chances

We monitor trends, technology developments, customers, and market opportunities. We generate knowledge and insights from our ongoing projects. We provide this information in a compact and application-oriented way.

Green Energy Radare

Brief info: Green Energy Radars provide in-depth insights into current and future market and technology trends; the choice of topics is based on the main focus of Green Energy Lab. The publication is produced in co-operation with Green Tech Cluster Styria.

Your advantages: Application-oriented insights into current technology developments and future market opportunities.

Innovator Circle Events

Brief info: Our Innovator Circle Events facilitate the exchange of ideas, support the targeted transfer of knowledge and create space for networking. Their primary focus lies in presenting current ideas and project plans as well as in initiating future co-operations.

Your advantages: Exchange, networking, and knowledge transfer with leading companies, research institutions, lead users, and public administration.

Green Energy Lab Insight-Talks

Brief info: The Green Energy Lab Insights are designed as compact events where selected speakers provide insights into future topics and trends, thus provoking controversial discussions.

Your advantages: Information & exchange on upcoming trends, market and technology developments, primarily with a focus on controversial topics.


Generating ideas and defining innovation projects

With our open innovation approach and user-oriented innovation methods, we ask the right questions, bring together the right players, and focus on users and customers.

Quick Check

Brief info: As your sparring partner, we provide feedback regarding your idea and define the next steps together with you.

Your advantages: Defining possibilities of support by Green Energy Lab, adapted to your needs, in order to increase the chances of implementing your ideas and exploiting them more efficiently.

Topical Workshops

Brief info: With our workshops on diverse topics we create an open space where you can, together with interdisciplinary stakeholders, develop new ideas and explore existing ideas more in-depth.

Your advantages: Networking and exchange of ideas and co-creation with technology companies, research, administration, and lead users.

Innovation Project Development

Brief info: Our Green Energy Lab canvas (Lean Canvas) and the Lean Start-up approach provide the framework for a step-by-step development of your innovation project. We support the integration of users, customers, and stakeholders and assist you with advice and actual support from the initial phase of strategic orientation up to the selection, approach, and integration of customers and users. In addition, we support you in defining suitable use cases in our region.

Your advantages: Holistic elaboration of your innovation project. Systematic elaboration of your solution with Lean Canvas by integrating customer views and requirements. Definition and development of real use cases and implementation paths.

Idea finding & Co-Creation Workshops

Brief info: In the course of developing your innovation project, we support you with individual brainstorming & co-creation workshops. With our Lean Canvas approach in mind, we design and moderate workshops for you and accompany you with user-oriented and flexible innovation methods.

Your advantages: Workshop designed specifically with you in mind for the purpose of integrating idea providers hitherto not yet involved, co-creation with technology companies, research, administration, and lead users.

Networking & Partner Management

Brief info: Through our constantly growing network, we bring you together with suitable technology companies, research institutions, and start-ups at an early stage and support you in finding the right partners for your project.

Your advantages: Identification, approach, and integration of new partners to form highly effective heterogeneous consortia to increase project output and the probability of receiving funding.

Advisory Services regarding Funding

Brief info: We support you in your search for suitable funding of your innovation project. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have an excellent general overview of possible subsidies.

Your advantages: Identifying suitable funding opportunities increases the probability of finding subsidies for your project submission.

Implementing Innovation Projects

We support the projects selected by our Steering Group to implement tangible demos for the energy future within our dynamic test region. With the power, experience, market, and financial strength of our partners, we also support the marketability of innovative products and services.



We accompany the customer-oriented implementation of selected innovation projects, we support sharpening the profile of business models, and we make innovative energy technologies known to a wide public. With tailor-made services, investor events, and public relations, we support the development of innovative products and services through the whole innovation journey. Successful innovators benefit from the network of Green Energy Lab partners and their connection to export markets.

Project Communication

Brief info: We support you in promoting your innovation project, whether by announcing events, presenting results, or by giving you support with your press coverage work.

Your advantages: Your project results will be effectively communicated via the PR communication channels of Green Energy Lab (website, press, blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

User & Customer Integration

Brief info: We support the implementation of your project by validating customer needs and integrating them into the implementation process. From addressing customers to organizing customer workshops, we are at your side with good advice and action.

Your advantages: The better you understand and integrate the needs of customers and users relevant to you, the better you can check the market chances of your solution and the more successful will be its subsequent market launch.

Public Demo Day

Brief info: The Public Demo Day gives you a chance to present your prototypes and use cases to interested stakeholders, customers, and users. Green Energy Lab will host the entire event.

Your advantages: Making your solutions visible to stakeholders, customers, and users.

Business Model Development

Brief info: We accompany you with your business model innovation and show you how to apply different innovation methods in a structured way to further develop and test your business model.

Your advantages: We help generate ideas for new business models by providing workshops with a host. We demonstrate methods for the systematic development, visualization, and implementation of business models.

Investor Pitch Day

Brief info: The Investor Pitch Day gives you the opportunity to present your solution to potential investors. After consulting with you, we invite suitable investors and support you in preparing for the event.

Your advantages: Easier access to potential investors.