New market designs for optimized local and regional energy systems

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In the project “BEYOND”, new market designs are developed and demonstrated in order to optimize local energy systems including many different market participants, hence enabling the integration of those so-called “smart grids” into regional and supra-regional networks.

The project thus represents an accurate response to complex challenges on the energy market: an increasing number of decentralized plants which generate highly fluctuating renewable energy, partly combined with private electricity storage systems, an increase in electricity consumption in the areas of mobility and building heating systems and an unsuitable use of existing flexibility potentials within the energy system.

In view of these challenges, the project develops innovative market designs and applications beneficial to the system and grid-network for integrated local and regional energy systems, including blockchain technology. All market participants and stakeholders are involved in the process such as prosumers, considering their individual needs as users, stakeholders at local and regional levels, aggregators, distribution system operators, technology developers. The feasibility of the developed concepts is examined under real-life conditions on the basis of two use cases (community and energy purchasing cooperative). The aim is to demonstrate both the technological advantages and the economic potential.

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