Heat Water Storage Pooling

Optimizes productivity and achieves a higher degree of flexibility by using hot water tank pooling

  • ©Maria Hollunder
  • ©Green Energy Lab
  • ©Green Energy Lab

A high proportion of electricity generated from fluctuating renewable sources requires a high degree of flexibility. Because of their storage capacity, hot water storage tanks can provide flexibility within the energy system. This is exactly where the “Heat Water Storage Pooling” project comes in: The goal is to optimize interaction between the existing heating applications and their storage systems and the volatile wind production.

To this end, a concept for an optimal management of hot water storage tanks is being developed on the basis of a flexible pooling approach and will be tested in practice. As part of the test operation in the wind region Burgenland, at least 30 individual customers and 5 multi-storey residential complexes as well as a district heating system will be connected to the control room of a wind farm operator so that the following aspects can be investigated:

  • Minimizing costs for customers and suppliers based on optimized storage operations
  • Optimizing grid operations
  • Increasing the integration potential of renewable energy by shifting to power-to-heat operations during periods of high production
  • Avoiding shutdowns of winter systems
  • Avoiding control energy and balancing energy

The project underlines the enormous potential of hot water storage tanks when used as flexibility measures: 10,000 small thermal storage units exist in the wind region of Northern Burgenland. As a central project result, there will be a multiplication-capable approach for a comprehensive pooling system of hot water storage tanks which will contribute to the continuous optimization of the energy system and support the market integration of wind energy.

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