Hybrid DH DEMO

“Energy hub“ business models bring a breath of fresh air to Neusiedl am See

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The “Hybrid DH DEMO” project aims at developing various business models in connection with wind energy for a hybrid district heating system at the Neusiedl am See site and to test them in practice. The focus is on an open innovation approach and intends to integrate the town Neusiedl and its citizens based on the principle of the “Urban Living Lab”. At the center of the investment project is the energy hub Neusiedl, where the district heating center, the natural gas network, and the public electricity grid converge and which is—through technical extensions—to be made into an “energy hub”. The plan is to install a flue gas condensation heat pump (1 MWth), an air-heating pump (1 MWth), an expansion of the buffer storage tank (to 300 m³), a battery storage (700 kWh) and a direct line between the wind farm and the heat center. The project “Hybrid DH DEMO” aims to achieve the following results:

  • “Energy hub” business models based on the open innovation approach
  • High acceptance of the business models thus developed
  • 20% reduction in the number of wind turbine shutdowns at Energie Burgenland
  • An increase in the proportion of renewable energy in the energy mix (excluding fuels) of the town Neusiedl by 5%.
  • 2% optimization of the district heating system aim to reduce losses.
  • Economic, technical, and ecological optimization of the energy flows within the “energy hub”
  • The needs of the town are reflected in the applications
  • Stabilizing the cost of district heating in comparison to the production cost of alternative projects

The project is based on the results of the two previous exploratory projects “Windvermarktung” and “Hybrid DH”.

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