A system for utilizing used batteries of electric vehicles as a stationary energy storage device

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  • ©Green Energy Lab

The “SecondLife” project deals with developing battery storage systems made of old electric car batteries. Such storage systems are especially important in view of the growing share of decentralized energy generated from fluctuating renewable sources and being fed into the electricity grid.

Occasionally, SecondLife batteries are already connected to power distribution grids. They ensure that the standard power for maintaining adequate frequency is guaranteed, i.e. that the customer is supplied with exactly the amount of electrical power he needs. The storage system has not yet been tested for smoothing peak loads in electricity consumption, also known as peak shaving, or for energy recovery in an industrial context. For this reason, the project also includes the construction and testing of a large-scale storage facility for these applications.

The development of technical and market-relevant components is also part of the project. These include a portable device for rapid analysis in order to determine the state of health of a battery, a tool for the complete analysis of its remaining value, an automatic device for storage capacities, and a benchmarking system of indicators which provides recommendations for the recyclability of the battery. With these components, the potential of “SecondLife” battery systems can be fully exploited.

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