The lead project for the development of tomorrow’s district heating network.

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The “ThermaFLEX” project deals with an increase in system flexibility and the resulting reductions in CO2 emissions in the district heating sector.

A quarter of Austria’s energy demand required for heating building space is provided by a network-based heat supply provided by more than 2,000 district heating systems. The district heating sector as well as local heating sector play, therefore, a central role in Austria’s energy supply. At the same time, district heating systems are also ideally suited for measures that increase flexibility within the energy system and enable the integration of renewable energy sources, the use of waste heat, of heat storage tanks, sector coupling, the active involvement of users, and new, efficient operating strategies. Thus, in the lead project “ThermaFLEX” and in its seven associated demonstration projects, flexibility measures in the district heating sector are identified. The aim is to create a sound basis for the selection and optimization of flexibility measures through simulation-supported planning, scientific evaluation methods, and detailed monitoring of specific applications.

The following demonstration projects are being implemented and scientifically accompanied as part of the lead project “ThermaFLEX”:

  • Virtual heating plant Gleisdorf – increasing the output of biogas
  • Spittelau waste incineration plant – use of latent energy from flue gas by means of a high-temperature heat pump
  • Conceptual design of the eco-energy park Salzburg-Süd – integration of low-temperature industrial heat
  • Low-carbon district heating for the city of Leibnitz
  • Heat recovery from waste water in Vienna-Liesing
  • Big Solar Salzburg
  • Energy Island Weiz – 100% renewable energy supply

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