Wien Spittelau High Temperature Heat Pump

THERMAFLEX DEMO PROJECT: Use of the heat from the flue gas by means of a high-temperature heat pump

  • Wien High Temperature Heat Pump Spittelau

The Wien Spittelau High Temperature Heat Pump project was successfully completed on 31.10.2022.

In this project, the approach of so-called sector coupling, i.e. the merging of various previously separate systems, was pursued. At the Vienna-Spittelau waste incineration plant, the waste heat generated from flue gas condensation (latent energy) of the incineration plant was used as an energy source for a high-temperature heat pump. Incorporating the findings from the evaluation of various operating strategies, a direct feed into the primary district heating network of the City of Vienna was made possible. The thermal power of the planned heat pump concept is about 16 MW. The thermal capacity of the incineration plant will thus be increased from 60 MW to about 76 MW. The multi-stage construction process is scheduled to start in 2022 and be completed by the end of 2024.

The main advantages of the proposed system are the increase of the overall efficiency of the incineration plant; utilization of the waste heat for the district heating network; reduction of the primary energy for district heating supply; CO2 reduction in heat generation; reduction of wastewater discharge to the treatment plant and internal use of the generated condensate.

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