“Foresight Services”: Green Energy Lab enables a data-based vision of the energy future

With our foresight services, we enable our partners to react to trends in the energy industry at an early stage and address the right topics in innovation projects; to do this, we draw on the extensive knowledge of our large and interdisciplinary network.

“Foresight Services”: Green Energy Lab to provide a data-based vision of the energy future this year

Green Energy Lab has developed “Foresight Services” in order to be able to react to trends in the energy industry at an early stage and address the right issues. Andrea Edelmann, Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Green Energy Lab and Head of the Innovation, Sustainability and Environmental Protection Department at the EVN Group, and Christian Kurz, R&D Manager at Green Energy Lab and Innovation Manager at Energie Burgenland, explain what this is all about and how companies can benefit from it in an interview.

Why is it important to have future trends on the radar today?

Andrea Edelmann: “Foresight, i.e. a look into the future based on data and facts, provides an overview and orientation. With our well-founded, detailed forecasts, we minimize uncertainties and thus enable courageous corporate decisions and pioneering steps towards a sustainable energy system.”

What are statements about the development of future trends based on?

Christian Kurz: “In the areas of technology, market, research and regulation, we need one thing above all to be able to make statements about future developments: Data. We gather information by looking at patents, publications, market developments, start-up funding and many other sources. Pattern recognition using artificial intelligence, diverse perspectives from different industries and countries and a high level of expert knowledge help us to identify trends at an early stage.”

How do large and small and medium-sized companies, energy supply companies and others benefit from this?

Andrea Edelmann: “Foresight creates an overview and orientation, a prerequisite for courageous steps into the future. From technology companies and energy suppliers to research institutes, all players in the energy system will be strongly influenced by the coming trends. The aim here is to react faster and better to future developments and to take advantage of the resulting opportunities.”

Why did you decide to launch Foresight Services at Green Energy Lab?

Christian Kurz: “We all want to know what the future holds for us. Many institutions are already using trend analyses in one way or another by talking to experts, brainstorming with colleagues or intensively observing the market. Green Energy Foresight is characterized above all by the fact that it is supported by comprehensive industry knowledge and can also draw on the knowledge base of a dynamically growing portfolio of almost 60 research projects, 180 project partners and around 300 members of the Innovator Circle. This confirms the value that Green Energy Foresight can bring to various stakeholders and we look forward to offering you this new service later this year. ”