Dr. Rainer Matiasek (Porträt)
10. July 2024

Rainer Matiasek new member of the Green Energy Lab Board

The research initiative for sustainable energy solutions welcomes its newest board member from Burgenland Energie AG.

Foto: Stephanie Weinhappel / Green Energy Lab
6. May 2024

Edelmann becomes Chairwoman of the Board of Green Energy Lab

Andrea Edelmann is the new chairwoman and board spokesperson of the Green Energy Lab research initiative, Austria's largest innovation laboratory for a sustainable energy future.

Foto: JuergenPM / Pixabay
2. May 2024

Fossil Dependence Day is a mission for research

The day of dependence on coal, oil and natural gas is already on May 3 this year. Further efforts in research and development are urgently needed to master the energy transition. Wien Energie, EVN, Burgenland Energie and Energie Steiermark are taking up this challenge as part of the joint Green Energy Lab research initiative.

24. April 2024

Potential of geothermal energy for the energy transition

Does geothermal energy in Austria have the potential to become a key energy source for the heating transition? The Green Energy Lab dedicated a special Insight Talk to this question on April 23, 2024.

Theiss_Spatenstich_c_EVN_ Imre Antal
8. April 2024

Kick-off for Theiss Hybrid Storage System

Renewable energies are gaining ground at the energy hub Theiss in Lower Austria: since last year, 5,700 modules have been supplying solar power to households in the region. A new biomass plant to supply Krems with natural heat and green electricity was opened in last fall. Now EVN is taking the next step and building a hybrid storage facility.

Direktor Robert Marchler, Landesrat Werner Amon, Landesrätin Ursula Lackner und Direktor Alexander Krückl (v.r.) bei der Projekt-Präsentation in Knittelfeld.© Land Steiermark/Binder
18. March 2024

RENVELOPE: Renovation of Knittelfeld vocational school and apprentice house for sustainable energy efficiency

The focus of the renovation of the Styrian vocational school in Knittelfeld and the apprentice house is on maximum energy savings and the greatest possible energy generation through the planned PV systems in the new façade. In addition, the electrical installations and parts of the classroom ventilation system are also to be integrated into the façade. The renovation process was developed as part of the RENVELOPE research project, with the school building serving as a demonstrator for the serial renovation of existing public buildings.

Foto: EVN/Severin Wurnig Studio Totale
5. March 2024

How to successfully expand photovoltaics

Flexibilization as the key to the success of the energy transition: 3,000 households are participating in the "Green the Flex" project to develop an intelligent solution to adapt electricity consumption to the timing of solar power generation. This is an essential prerequisite for driving forward the expansion of renewable energies.

© Wien Energie
4. January 2024

Heat for another 16,000 households from the waste incineration plant in Spittelau

A new large-scale heat pump at the Vienna Spittelau waste incineration plant will heat 16,000 Viennese residents in future. An additional 16 megawatts of power will increase the efficiency of waste incineration by 13 percent. The plant is a ThermaFLEX demonstration project in the Green Energy Lab portfolio.

4. January 2024

Award for energy software E.GON

EZN's online software for energy communities, E.GON, was named one of the three most innovative projects in the VERENA national award.

29. November 2023

Survey on the optimization potential of biomass heating plants and heating networks

The BM Retrofit research project deals with the modernization and optimization of biomass-based heating networks and heating plants. The following survey is aimed at operators of biomass heating plants as well as all other experts, companies and institutions involved in the topic of heating networks.

Eröffnung Großsolaranlage_SOLID_Vogl_Kelz_Lackner_Jantscher_Rudischer_Hochörtler_Schaffer_Foto: Podesser
20. September 2023

Largest ground-mounted solar thermal plant in Austria opened!

Styrian flagship project aims to be a role model for the heating transition in Austrian municipalities. The 7,000 square meter solar thermal plant is located in the heart of the Green Energy Lab showcase region and is directly connected to the district heating network in Mürzzuschlag.

26. June 2023

Green Energy Lab at Mission Innovation Austria

The Mission Innovation Austria Week took place this year from June 12 to 14 in Stegersbach with prominent participation of Green Energy Lab. Also in 2023, the central event of the Austrian innovation forces for energy and climate protection innovations offered a lot of news from research, technology and society.

21. June 2023

New projects at Green Energy Lab

The Green Energy Lab, Austria's largest innovation laboratory for a sustainable energy future, continues to grow. Thus, the project portfolio of the research initiative now includes 48 projects, which are funded by the showcase region of energy and other funding models and have a total volume of €150 million.

21. June 2023

Green Energy Lab @ e-nova 2023

On 14. and 15. June the international conference e-nova on the topic "Energy and Climate Change" took place in sunny Pinkafeld. Green Energy Lab was involved in hosting the congress with three sessions of its own.

21. June 2023

Benefit from cooperations

On 30.05.2023 the 6th Zukunftsheurige took place in Wieselburg on the topic "Using digitalization - Smart renewable energy systems II - opportunities and challenges". At the invitation of the House of Digitization, Green Energy Lab gave on-site input on the topic of "Profiting from Cooperations".

14. June 2023

Research project ThermaFLEX wins the Energy Globe Austria

The lead project ThermaFLEX of the "Vorzeigeregion Energie - Green Energy Lab" was awarded the sustainability prize Energy Globe Austria in the category "Fire" on June 13.

12. June 2023

Hydrogen pilot plant goes into operation and expands the Energy Hub Neusiedl

The Parndorfer Platte is not only one of the windiest inland regions in Europe, it also offers optimal conditions in Neusiedl am See with a biomass heating plant including a district heating network for combining the energy sectors and thus for even more efficient use of resources. Two years ago, Burgenland Energie built a Power2heat plant that intelligently couples heat and renewable electricity. Within the framework of two research projects and with the lead participation of Forschung Burgenland, this existing plant is now being expanded to include a hydrogen pilot plant. The pilot plant will also convert renewable electricity into hydrogen and feed the resulting waste heat into the Power2heat plant. The plant will be put into operation in the next few days.

22. May 2023

Energy companies cooperate on research for a sustainable future

Wien Energie, EVN, Burgenland Energie and Energie Steiermark reaffirm their joint commitment to a sustainable energy future at the Green Energy Lab General Assembly. The research initiative is Austria's largest innovation laboratory and includes over five million consumers.

27. March 2023

Innovative data-driven processes for the energy sector

Getting a head start in the race to digitalize the energy sector through collaborative research and innovation.

22. March 2023

Green Energy Lab visualizes the future of energy

The new interactive "RadarView" enables innovation fields to be recognized more quickly and their potential to be exploited.

24. February 2023

Review: Insight Talk “Cybersecurity4Energy”

Discover the potential of cyber security as a field of research and innovation for the energy transition and integrate it into the energy infrastructure.

30. January 2023

Is the (Energy) Future female? At the Green Energy Lab we say: Yes, of course!

Did you know that around two thirds of our team are female? In addition, three inspiring women in leading roles at the Green Energy Lab are driving the energy transition forward: Susanne Supper as Cluster Manager, Karin Dögl as deputy and Andrea Edelmann as a member of the association's board.

21. December 2022

Strategic Forum 2022: Green Energy Transition Now!

Green Energy Lab as a catalyst for high impact change.

20. December 2022

Cozy get-together & annual preview 2023 at the Christmas GEL-Together

On December 1st, there was an opportunity for personal networking and looking ahead to the highlights of the coming year in a festive atmosphere above the rooftops of Vienna!

28. November 2022

“Clear the stage for the innovators of the energy transition” at the VZR annual event of the Climate and Energy Fund!

This year's annual showcase region energy event organized by the Climate and Energy Fund was all about the "Innovators of the energy transition" and brought the women who are active in the showcase regions on stage.

f.l.: back: Karlheinz Gutjahr (Joanneum Research), Janik Deutscher (Joanneum Research),
8. November 2022

“Space4Energy”: How Satellite Data Enables a Green Future

Using satellite data to design new solutions for the energy transition: This is the goal of the "Space4Energy" hackathon. The competition for start-ups and students addresses central challenges of climate and environmental protection. Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler awarded the most innovative solutions. The Austrian Federal Forests, Energie Steiermark, Kelag and representatives of the FFG project "Spatial Energy Planning for Energy Transition" were part of the showcase of innovative power implemented by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, ESA Start-up Center and Green Energy Lab.

12. April 2022

We ask Theresia Vogel: What are the major strengths of the Green Energy Lab?

Theresia Vogel, Managing Director of the Climate and Energy Fund, talks about the energy showcase region and the strengths of Green Energy Lab.

11. April 2022

Booster for innovation “made in Austria” – the services offered by Green Energy Lab

Our partners benefit from early recognition of relevant trends, higher quality submissions and preparation for the market launch of project outputs through our comprehensive, target group and solution-oriented communication.

11. April 2022

New premium services in the communications sector

Building on our many years of experience at the interface between funding bodies, science and industry, our communication services enable our partners to make their projects and solutions visible to the outside world.

11. April 2022

Reaching the goal together: networking in the Green Energy Lab

We have to work together: Exchange and networking are central components of the innovation process. With almost 300 strong partners, we generate new ideas and increase the chance of successful implementation in practice.

11. April 2022

“Foresight Services”: Green Energy Lab enables a data-based vision of the energy future

With our foresight services, we enable our partners to react to trends in the energy industry at an early stage and address the right topics in innovation projects; to do this, we draw on the extensive knowledge of our large and interdisciplinary network.

11. April 2022

Funding: More quality in submissions with Green Energy Lab

In the evolution of an idea into a concrete innovation project, one thing is essential: funding. What can you do to increase the chances of your project being funded? How does Green Energy Lab help?

11. April 2022

Initial results of an impact analysis based on Green Energy Lab projects

Christian Kurz explained how such an analysis can be carried out and what hurdles need to be overcome in his presentation at the ISEC 2022 (International Sustainable Energy Conference).

8. April 2022

ÖGUT environmental award for Zukunftsquartier 2.0

What are plus-energy districts and how can they be optimally integrated into existing energy grids as energy producers without burdening them with additional generation peaks? This was researched by the Zukunftsquartier 2.0 project, which won the ÖGUT Environmental Award.

6. April 2022

SecondLifeBatteries project successfully completed

The disposal of used batteries from electromobility poses a new challenge. The project aims to reuse previously used e-batteries that no longer provide full power.

© Rabmer
17. March 2022

Renewable wastewater energy reduces dependence on natural gas

Quickly available, renewable and politically less controversial energy sources are now in demand - and the technology is already available in Austria: Wastewater for sustainable cooling and heating of buildings.

17. March 2022

My town is my energy cell

In so-called energy cells, the electricity generated locally - in settlements, villages, districts or neighborhoods - is to be consumed or stored locally with the help of appropriate technologies. The researchers already have initial results to show.

10. March 2022

Space4Energy: The added value of space solutions for the energy sector

Together with international guest experts from the space industry, we have identified the areas of application in the energy sector that could benefit from satellite data and services tomorrow.

2. December 2021

Using future trends and developments as a compass for your decisions

How can we benefit the most from future trends? We found answers at our Innovator Circle Event on Green Energy Foresight.

13. August 2021

Heating and cooling

For an efficient heat supply and the increasing demand for environmentally friendly cooling solutions, a number of innovative technologies and effective measures are required. Green Energy Lab shows a few possible solutions.

5. July 2021

Sector coupling – an essential contribution to the energy transition

Reduce emissions in the transport sector with electricity from renewable energy sources? Or use biomass for industrial processes?

2. July 2021

Call for tender: Submission of ideas open again – with a new focus

On 8/20 is the deadline for the new projects of the 4th call in the program flagship region energy of the Climate and Energy Fund.

16. March 2021

Fabian Kesicki joins the board of the Green Energy Lab

Fabian Kesicki succeeds Michael Fuchs as a new board member and representative of Wien Energie. He brings over thirteen years of experience in the energy sector to his role, especially in the areas of strategy, innovation, market and competition analysis.

20. October 2020

Green Energy Lab as a facilitator of European cooperation

Our contribution to the European Week of Regions and Cities

Open Innovation Themenfeldworkshops
9. April 2019

Looking back: Open Innovation Topical Workshops in March

The open innovation topical workshops create a thematic space to connect interdisciplinary stakeholders who want to actively shape the energy future. Exciting discussions and a joint generation of ideas were on the agenda.

Erste Projekte - Spatial Energy Planning
15. January 2019

First Projects are Already in Full Swing

Under the umbrella of the Green Energy Lab, the first projects are currently underway. At present, work is underway on six projects—with more to come.

Der Innovator Circle nimmt Form an
5. December 2018

Innovator Circle — Actively Shaping the Energy Future

Green Energy Lab has started — and the Innovator Circle is taking shape! The new year begins with Green Energy Lab’s 1st Innovator Circle Event on January 14, 2019, in Vienna.

Auftaktveranstaltung Vorzeigeregion Energie
23. November 2018

Review: Kick-Off Event for the Flagship region Energy

At the kick-off event for the FTI initiative “Flagship region Energy” on November 21, 2018, in Vienna, representatives of the three flagship regions Green Energy Lab, NEFI, and WIVA PG discussed future trends of energy supply.