Reaching the goal together: networking in the Green Energy Lab

We have to work together: Exchange and networking are central components of the innovation process. With almost 300 strong partners, we generate new ideas and increase the chance of successful implementation in practice.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts”, as the saying goes. Exchange and networking are also central components of the innovation process in the Green Energy Lab. The research initiative already has over 280 strong partners in the Innovator Circle who are working together with Wien Energie, EVN, Energie Burgenland and Energie Steiermark on new ideas for the future of energy, inspiring each other and learning from each other.

“When different players with expertise in different subject areas come together to think about our energy future, ideas emerge that have the potential to change the world,” enthuses Mathias Schaffer, specialist for energy research and innovation management at Energie Steiermark AG and member of the Green Energy Lab board. Together with Francois Laurent and Lisa Wolf, he is responsible for community management.

Innovator Circle – the network for game changers

With free membership of Green Energy Lab’s Innovator Circle, companies have access to services designed to support them throughout the entire innovation journey.

The Innovator Circle is open to all companies and institutions that contribute to the goals of Green Energy Lab through their activities, have expertise on relevant topics relating to the future of energy and are willing to actively participate in the Green Energy Lab open innovation process. “We implement targeted open innovation activities with the aim of discussing the most pressing issues, generating innovative ideas and launching collaborative research projects,” emphasizes Francois Laurent, Project Manager and driving force behind the national and international Green Energy Lab network.

Steering Group – Hand in hand for the energy transition

Our 19 Steering Group members are characterized by in-depth expertise and a pioneering position in the development and implementation of sustainable energy technologies. As the gatekeeper in our project development process, the Steering Group ensures the scientific excellence, innovative content and strategic fit of the ideas and projects that we develop and implement together with our partners. In its advisory role, the Steering Group also contributes to the quality assurance of internal processes and to sharpening the medium-term strategic focus of the Green Energy Lab.

Once a project has received a funding or financing commitment as part of the Energy Flagship Region RTI initiative, it benefits from the structured exchange with the almost 60 projects from the Green Energy Lab and the team’s expertise in terms of implementing and scaling solutions. In addition, targeted networking with decision-makers from business, research and administration increases their chances of success and impact. We also support you in positioning yourself with your project partners and ensure visibility in the research community.

Stakeholder Circle – even more expertise

Another platform for innovators from all over Europe was created in 2020 with the Green Energy Lab “Stakeholder Circle“. This is a strategic think tank with experts at national and international level – know-how on current topics, leading RTI initiatives and legal regulations is pooled here and made available to Green Energy Lab projects. After all, innovation requires openness and different perspectives.