Is the (Energy) Future female? At the Green Energy Lab we say: Yes, of course!

Did you know that around two thirds of our team are female? In addition, three inspiring women in leading roles at the Green Energy Lab are driving the energy transition forward: Susanne Supper as Cluster Manager, Karin Dögl as deputy and Andrea Edelmann as a member of the association's board.

We are very pleased that our concentrated female power and expertise are widely recognized – currently especially by the award of our Cluster Manager Susanne Supper as FEMtech Expert of the Month. As a team, we would like to congratulate Susanne and thank her for her inspiring work and leadership!

Susanne Supper emphasizes in the interview “Girls should be able to experience as early as possible that science and technology are “right” for them – through role models, through playful, interdisciplinary arousal of interest – from kindergarten onwards. Later on, relevant networks with corresponding offers will certainly also help; the FEMtech initiative is a great example and focuses both on the topic of equal opportunities and on the central role that science and technology play in shaping a green, sustainable future.”

We would like to present the wordrap with Susanne as FEMtech Expert of the Month as an excerpt from the interview. You can read the entire interview here.

My favorite thing to play with as a child:

With improvised “building materials”, with which I built improvised houses and with all kinds of stuffed and wooden animals that lived in my “zoo enclosures”, went to my “veterinary practice” etc. My fascination and love for nature and animals has always been there.

I would choose this course now:

I could well imagine studying at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna now. However, I would specifically look for even more internationalization and would recommend semesters and internships abroad to students in general.

My role model is:

Jane Goodall: She courageously broke new ground, was innovative, attentive; now I admire her – especially in her old age – as a tireless ambassador for nature conservation, science and peace.

What I would like to invent:

A kind of “innovation accelerator” and a truly intelligent housework robot that can also manage complex, diverse work processes.

If the proportion of women in technology is 50 percent …

… there would be even more effective role models for other women who aspire to a career in technology. We would see that the gender balance measures had worked and women in technology would no longer be something “exotic”. I think the trend is going in the right direction – at least for us. However, gender balance and anti-discrimination is a global issue: I view some developments in other parts of the world with great concern and unease – for example, it was only at the end of 2022 that I read in the news that the Taliban in Afghanistan were banning women from university education. That is outrageous.

If the proportion of women in management positions is 50 percent …

… we would certainly have a different spirit in business and society. It would be a sign that “the glass ceiling” has been broken and it would be an encouraging signal for women in general to aspire to management positions.

What do you associate with innovation?

… Curiosity, moving forward – not standing still, developing solutions.

Why is research funding important in Austria?

… to cushion development risks and enable innovation in business practice and to have the opportunity to test new approaches and quickly bring the solutions that prove themselves in testing to market.

My recommended reading is:

“Wolf saga” by Käthe Recheis

“Say no and still negotiate successfully” by William Ury

The FEMtech initiative not only honors female experts, but also offers exciting funding opportunities for equal opportunities. The FEMtech internship program for female students aims to attract young female scientists to careers in applied research in the scientific and technical RTI sector. Take the opportunity, the current tender is open from 08.03.2023 to 30.06.2023.

Last year, we also had our first FEMtech intern, Melahat Coskun, who became a permanent member of our team after completing her internship. We can therefore warmly recommend this program!

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