Funding: More quality in submissions with Green Energy Lab

In the evolution of an idea into a concrete innovation project, one thing is essential: funding. What can you do to increase the chances of your project being funded? How does Green Energy Lab help?

“Our team has many years of experience and a great deal of expertise in funding management – we have already carried out three tenders with high approval rates as part of the Climate and Energy Fund’s Energy Flagship Region RTI initiative alone,” explains Susanne Supper, Cluster Manager at Green Energy Lab. “We support our partners in finding suitable funding channels and ensuring the high quality of submissions. In this way, we increase their chances of accessing funding.”

By becoming a member of the Innovator Circle, funding recipients benefit from free support from the Green Energy Lab team as part of …

  • Topic area workshops: We create an open space with inspiring keynotes and exemplary use cases where you can develop new ideas together with interdisciplinary stakeholders and deepen existing ideas.
  • Quick checks and project selection: As a sparring partner, we provide feedback on project ideas and offer our expertise in project design and set-up.
  • Project development workshops: We support the development of a project to increase the likelihood of being funded through high quality and professional preparation.
  • Review and support with project set-up and project applications: Green Energy Lab provides support for tenders in the Energy Model Region program, but also in other funding programs.

Fabian Kesicki, Head of Corporate Development at Wien Energie and member of the Green Energy Lab association board: “Our aim is to successfully establish innovation on the market. Our team of experienced experts and specialists ensures that funding providers receive high-quality handling of research and innovation projects with appropriate communication support and that funding recipients have promising access to funding”