Rainer Matiasek new member of the Green Energy Lab Board

The research initiative for sustainable energy solutions welcomes its newest board member from Burgenland Energie AG.

Dr. Rainer Matiasek (Porträt)

Dr. Rainer Matiasek, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at Burgenland Energie AG and Vice Chair of the Green Energy Lab (Photo: Green Energy Lab / Stephanie Weinhappel)

Vienna – Dr. Rainer Matiasek is the newest member of the board of the research initiative Green Energy Lab. The manager and former management consultant is head of strategy and corporate development at Burgenland Energie AG. For the green tech company, innovations for renewable energies and the expansion of integrated energy solutions of the future are top priorities in order to realize the energy transition to a 100 percent sustainable system with wind, sun and optimal utilization of the grids.

“Burgenland is on a direct path to becoming one of the first climate-neutral regions in the world. The solutions we find, test and develop in the Green Energy Lab are an important innovation driver. I look forward to a dynamic collaboration for highly applied research in the name of energy independence for our children’s future,” says the newly elected board member and vice chair of Green Energy Lab.

The Green Energy Lab is Austria’s largest innovation laboratory for a sustainable energy future. With the core regions of Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria, the innovation lab has a test market of five million end consumers. Within the framework of the innovation offensive “Vorzeigeregion Energie” of the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund, more than 150 million euros will be invested in innovative projects until 2025. More than 350 companies and institutions from research, business and the public sector are working together with Wien Energie, EVN, Burgenland Energie and Energie Steiermark to develop demand-driven, scalable energy solutions – from prototype to market readiness. The model solutions developed will also serve as a blueprint for a future energy system based on 100 percent renewable energy.

“I welcome Dr. Matiasek’s election to the Green Energy Lab board and look forward to a constructive cooperation in our joint research initiative.” says Andrea Edelmann, chairwoman and spokesperson of the Green Energy Lab board.


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