Booster for innovation “made in Austria” – the services offered by Green Energy Lab

Our partners benefit from early recognition of relevant trends, higher quality submissions and preparation for the market launch of project outputs through our comprehensive, target group and solution-oriented communication.

Numerous domestic companies, research institutions and energy suppliers are working on technologies and innovative concepts for the future of energy. With its services, Green Energy Lab wants to support them in initiating an open innovation process that acts as a booster for the energy transition.

Global players as well as SMEs, start-ups and energy suppliers can benefit from Green Energy Lab services along the entire innovation journey, from the development of a project idea to its implementation. The aim is to accelerate the time from the idea to the marketable product or service offering and thus bring about the energy transition more quickly.

“Shaping our energy future sustainably requires a joint effort by companies, research institutions, the public sector and the general public. With our services, we are pursuing the goal of bringing all relevant players together and using tailored formats to drive forward new solutions and accelerate their market launch – with a significant impact on our climate targets,” explains Susanne Supper, Cluster Manager of Green Energy Lab.

Initiating innovation projects and recognizing trends at an early stage

Let us inspire you! In Green Energy Lab’s Innovator Circle, big players and agile start-ups come together and have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas at events and talks. Do you want to know what the trends of tomorrow will be, how they will develop and which ones will prevail? Our Foresight Services have been developed to ensure that our partners are always at least one step ahead.

Develop Innovation Projects

Once a vague idea has become a concrete project, the question arises – how can it be implemented? With the many years of experience and expertise of the Green Energy Lab team, you can develop your project design and set-up professionally and thus increase your chances of receiving funding approval.

Preparing and implementing innovation projects for market launch

If a project has received a funding or financing commitment as part of the Flagship Region Energy RTI initiative or via other funding channels, it also benefits in full from the services offered by Green Energy Lab as the network coordinator of the Showcase Region. This includes supporting the model solutions, monitoring and impact assessment as well as external communication to key stakeholders and the population. In addition to these defined services, premium communication services are available to project partners for a fee.

You can read about the requirements for submitting ideas to Green Energy Lab here: