First Projects are Already in Full Swing

Under the umbrella of the Green Energy Lab, the first projects are currently underway. At present, work is underway on six projects—with more to come.

Erste Projekte - Spatial Energy Planning

The various topics dealt with in the projects range from the reduction of CO2 emissions in the district heating sector to the usability of used e-car batteries as storage modules and the optimized distribution of grid resources:

  • The Open Data Plattform project is the central interface within Green Energy Lab—it brings together all results generated within Green Energy Lab. Users thus have easy access to comprehensive, relevant data on the energy sector, and the findings from the project are made into compact, tailor-made recommendations for various groups of players within the energy industry.
  • The lead project ThermaFlex deals with the increase of system flexibility and the resulting reduction in CO2 emission within the district heating sector. In connection with several demo projects, tomorrow’s district heating grid will be tested.
  • The project Blockchain Grid investigates, on the basis of Blockchain technology, possibilities of how to best distribute free grid resources for the benefit of prosumers instead of limiting feeds. The approaches will be tested under real conditions and based on several use cases.
  • In the SecondLife Batteries project, used batteries of electric vehicles are tested for their remaining lifetime and usability in applications for peak shaving and energy recovery on the basis of a newly developed system and tested in two large-scale storage locations.
  • The project Spatial Energy Planning generates tools for a spatially optimized development of the heat supply infrastructure considering renewable energy potentials and technological options, such as the digital HEATatlas or the HEATapp prototype.
  • The objective of the most recent Green Energy Lab project Heat Water Storage Pooling is to develop and test a flexible pooling approach for hot water storage tanks that optimizes interaction between existing heating applications and their storage and the volatile wind production in the region.

You can find the continuously updated list of all Green Energy Lab projects here.