Innovator Circle

The Innovator Circle is a network of over 400 players who are helping to shape the future of energy: Companies, research institutions, start-ups, cities, municipalities and associations.

Together we generate ideas and provide important impetus for their implementation.

Your advantages

Innovator Circle members can take advantage of many of our Open Innovation services free of charge.

Members of the Innovator Circle receive prioritized information and a knowledge advantage in the context of technology development, market trends and research funding.

In our network of almost 300 institutions, you will be connected with research institutions, companies, start-ups, cities, municipalities and associations.

Membership of the Innovator Circle is not associated with any financial obligations.


All institutions that fulfill the following requirements can become Innovator Circle members:

Innovator Circle

The institution has its registered office or at least a branch in Austria.

Die Einrichtung hat ihren Sitz oder zumindest eine Niederlassung in Österreich.

The institution has expertise on relevant topics relating to the future of energy

The institution is prepared to play an active role in the Green Energy Lab open innovation process.

Join the Innovator Circle!

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