Innovator Circle Event: Green Energy Foresight

At our first English Innovator Circle Event, we will kickstart an ongoing dialog around our exciting new service: Green Energy Foresight.

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24.11.2021 | 14:00
24.11.2021 | 16:00


Online Event


Green Energy Lab


Our next IC-event is dedicated to a particularly creative, uniquely innovative, and dynamically growing community: our Innovator Circle. With more than 250 members you contribute your knowledge and experience to Green Energy Lab. We, on the other hand, are working hard to create value for all our IC members to keep the flow of innovations and model solutions flowing in both directions.

After three years of Green Energy Lab, we think it is time to pause for a moment, look at where we stand and examine where we want to go. By end of this year, we are projecting close to 60 projects and 90 model solutions in our portfolio. What is the combined effect of these? Are we beginning to make a difference to the climate?

We are currently working on an exciting new service, which will add significant value for all our stakeholders: Green Energy Foresight. Leveraging our unique position at the nexus of research, market, and policy making, we will be launching a professional foresight tool early next year. We will be sharing our concepts and ideas as well as the progress made so far. Our hope is to start an active dialog that will ensure that Green Energy Foresight answers exactly those questions, which are important to your decision making.

We will focus on the following questions and share the state of the art with you:

  • What is Foresight?
  • How is it used by different stakeholders such as energy providers, researchers and companies?
  • What is the added value for our Innovator Circle?

We are looking forward to talking to you, getting your input, and kickstart an ongoing dialog among all our innovators!

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