Hydrogen Region East Austria

Hydrogen, which comes from renewable sources, has the potential to enable the complete decarbonization of the energy system. However, the widespread use of green hydrogen is currently still being held back by the high overall costs. The H2REAL project aims to overcome this barrier.


The H2REAL project aims to establish a “Hydrogen Valley” as the key to hydrogen technology and applications in the region of Eastern Austria. The aim is to demonstrate the implementation of an integrated value chain for the production, storage, distribution and consumption of green hydrogen (H2). The results of H2REAL enable more efficient and effective demonstration projects and, subsequently, scaling projects on a supra-regional basis. Leveraging synergy effects along the entire hydrogen value chain should lead to a visible reduction in the local hydrogen price and act as a booster for the establishment of a hydrogen economy in Vienna and eastern Austria.

Approach and methodology

In the H2REAL project, the various project partners are divided into clusters, core competencies and activities and presented graphically. These include production, freight-based distribution and logistics, mobility and infrastructure as well as pipeline-based transportation and distribution. As each cluster only covers a fraction of the green hydrogen value chain, the involvement of strong regional key organizations from across the spectrum is crucial to success.

The H2REAL Valley approach creates strong, cross-cluster cooperation. In order to ensure supra-regional cooperation, the project is in exchange with the flagship regions WIVA P&G, Green Energy Lab and New Energy for Industry. A project advisory board serves as quality assurance and brings additional professional perspectives into the project.

Hydrogen Valley Austria East has the following project objectives:

· Developing concepts and strategies

· Initiate and drive forward the development of specific, innovative technologies

· Launching demonstration projects for a regional hydrogen economy

· Establish and utilize a network of all relevant players

An implementation plan was drawn up based on the economic and ecological requirements of the individual industrial partners:

· Development, implementation and optimization of innovative H2 concepts and novel technical solutions (including several demonstrators)

· Joint investments and coordinated infrastructure projects across several federal states and regions

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The following model solutions are being developed in the H2REAL project:

Sample solution/s under development