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With the pursuit of an ever higher share of renewables in the generation mix for production and supply, the need for new and more powerful energy storage systems is also increasing. If we want to replace fossil fuels, we need to act quickly.

However, there is currently no storage technology that meets all the necessary requirements in terms of performance, capacity, efficiency, availability or costs. One possible approach to new storage concepts is the combination of different storage technologies to form a hybrid storage system. These systems can incorporate and cope with more requirements than any single technology on its own. This improves the system properties and reduces costs. This also opens up new business models through which these storage concepts can assert themselves on the market.

First implementation of the new hybrid storage system in Theiss

As part of the SEKOHS Theiss project, an innovative hybrid storage system consisting of a thermal and a battery electric storage system is being developed and implemented in Lower Austria. An existing 5 MW electrical heating system, which is connected to a large thermal storage system, will be expanded with a 5 MW battery storage system and combined with a new large-scale photovoltaic system. Comprehensive field tests ensure the validation of the system and innovative methods of artificial intelligence enable optimized operation. The improvements also include expanded forecasting concepts for photovoltaic energy generation as well as intelligent monitoring concepts for the storage system.

The project aims at providing a detailed understanding of such hybrid storage systems from a technical, economic and regulatory point of view. This enables a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness and offers a clear picture of the transferability to other areas.

More than 11,000 visitors per year are already welcomed at the Theiss site and informed about the topics of energy conversion, energy storage and sustainable energy supply through guided tours and information events. The sector-coupling hybrid storage system Theiss will be integrated into this visitor concept.


Christoph Loschan

Project key facts

01.04.2021 - 14.09.2024

funding program
Flagship Region Energy

Project type
Cooperation project experimental development

Project budget
821.883 €

Project management

Technische Universität Wien

The following model solutions are being developed in the SEKOHS Theiss project: