Insight Talk: Circular solutions for the energy transition

With experts, we look at circular economy in the integrated energy system of today and tomorrow and initiate project ideas.

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24.03.2022 | 14:00
24.03.2022 | 16:00


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François Laurent, Msc

Project Manager

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Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish, Repair, Recycle. The five "Rs" of the circular economy are now well established globally and in the EU. The life cycle of products and services along the entire value chain are coming into focus. It is precisely here that the potential for a sustainable energy future must be exploited. Up to 80% of the negative impact on the environment is already determined in the product design, yet recycled materials cover only 11.8% of the total raw material consumption.1 Globally, this figure is only 8.6%.2

The goal is clear: "To decouple economic growth from resource use, [...] to protect natural resources while promoting sustainable growth." (

The potential of circularity is enormous, but how can it be brought into application in the energy industry? What is already being done and, most importantly, where is there research and implementation potential for the rapid integration of circular economy in the energy system?

At Insight Talk, we bring in experts to present the global status quo on circular solutions for the energy transition and share best-case examples in demonstration and market rollout. For the first time, R&D Manager Christian Kurz will also give us an insight into future trends from Green Energy Foresight.

With this basis, we will start break-out sessions afterwards and focus on the implementation of research and innovation projects around the questions: Which use cases should be prioritized for research and testing? What questions and hypotheses still need to be answered and tested?

We will use insights from the Insight Talk in the Green Energy Lab to initiate research and innovation projects.

We have a lot of work to do in integrating circularity in the energy industry and we look forward to your contribution!

Your Green Energy Lab Team


1 European Commission - Circular economy action plan

2 Circly Economy - Circularity Gap report 2021