Integration of absorption technologies in district heating and cooling systems

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The AbSolut project examines the integration of absorption technologies in district heating and cooling systems. These technologies use thermally driven absorption processes to provide diverse solutions for thermal energy systems. These range from classic absorption heat pumps and cooling systems to absorption heat exchangers. In contrast to conventional compression heat pumps, absorption technologies are driven thermally rather than electrically. In addition, the refrigerants used have no global warming potential. In addition to relieving the load on the power grid, this opens up numerous new system concepts, such as the use of solar thermal energy or waste heat as sustainable drive energy. Despite these unique properties and the technical maturity at the technology level, such technologies have only been used as niche solutions in Austria and Europe to date. AbSolut faces this challenge and develops innovative system concepts for the efficient integration of these technologies into Austrian district heating and cooling systems. As a result, considerable economic and ecological improvements can be achieved in these systems, such as the improved integration of renewables and waste heat as well as a sustainable reduction in return temperatures and losses in the network.

Close cooperation with users, planners and technology providers

In the AbSolut project, the integration of these technologies at different locations in Vienna, Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Styria is being investigated. Concepts are developed in close cooperation with users, planners and technology providers. This allows district heating operators to develop and evaluate them in line with the market. These can be implemented directly and have a high potential for duplication in the Austrian market.

AbSolut uses synergies with the ThermaFLEX lead project and the Spatial Energy Planning (SEP) and Hybrid District Heating Demo (HDHD) projects. Potential heat sources such as caloric power plants or waste heat and wastewater treatment plants are available in multiple numbers in Austria, while low-temperature networks and large-scale heat storage systems are seen as promising technologies. In the project, suitable integration concepts and business models are being developed for these use cases.


Carina Seidnitzer-Gallien
T: 03112 5886-266
E: c.seidnitzer-gallien@aee.at

Project key facts

01.04.2021 - 30.09.2024

funding program
Flagship Region Energy

Project type
Cooperation project experimental development

Project budget
1.165.522 €

Project management

AEE - Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien

The following model solutions are being developed in the AbSolut project: