Energy Cell “JOHANN”

Newly developed technology for seasonal energy storage

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©Green Energy Lab

The energy cell “JOHANN” is a newly developed seasonal energy storage technology, which will be demonstrated in this project in 3 different use cases, in order to provide answers to the relevant R&D-questions (relating to sustainability and market processes) and to make this innovative solution technology- and market-ready.


Energy The energy cell “JOHANN” (named after the Styrian archduke) a technical development of the Austrian company EEG Elements Energy GmbH and nearly represents the ideal system of a decentralized and controllable energy cells for electricity and heat including seasonal electricity storage. JOHANN achieves an overall efficiency of 90% (electricity 30-40%) and is currently a cost-effectiveness conversion and hydrogen storage technology. JOHANN is not only a solution for the needs of autarky of prosumers and for 100% renewable energy supply, there is a high potential for solutions for the challenges of a future integrated energy systems, like reduction of curtailment of renewable generation, ancillary services for the grid and security of supply.

The goal in this project is the further development of JOHANN to provide additional benefits for the energy system beyond the border of the owner and operator of JOHANN, which has the own interest of increasing self-consumption and reduction of energy costs. The novel technological development of JOHANN is realized in three different use cases in different real-life environmental. Due to continuous customer involvement and energy relevant stakeholder as project partner, tailor-made business models are developed. The aimed solutions are integrated in a broad technology evaluation study and Life Cycle Assessment to derive the macroeconomic impact.


Mathias Schaffer
T: +43 664 6163620

Project key facts

01.03.2021 - 31.07.2023

funding program
Flagship region Energy

Project type
Cooperative project experimental development

Project budget
€ 683.077

Project management

Energie Steiermark AG

The following model solutions are being developed in the Energy Cell “JOHANN” project: