Wien Spittelau High Temperature Heat Pump

THERMAFLEX DEMO PROJECT: Use of the heat from the flue gas by means of a high-temperature heat pump

Wien High Temperature Heat Pump Spittelau

In this project it is planned to use the waste heat from the flue gas condensation of the waste incineration plant in the Spittelau in Vienna as a source for a heat pump and to make a direct feed into the primary district heating network of the City of Vienna possible by incorporating the findings from the test of different operating strategies. The thermal capacity of the planned heat pump is more than 10 MW.

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Rusbeh Rezania
T: +43 14004749121

Project key facts

01.11.2018 - 31.10.2022

funding program
Flagship Region Energy

Project type
Demonstration project

Project budget
18.000.000 €

Project management

Wien Energie GmbH

The following model solutions are being developed in the Wien Spittelau High Temperature Heat Pump project:


Media reports on the project

Burn in the best possible way

In the Spittelau waste incineration plant, a modern heat pump based on the Scandinavian model is to use the heat from the flue gas. This saves water, C02 and supplies 10,000 households with heat.

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